Round Tables 2013

Round tables are informal discussions held during the lunch break around (you guessed it) round tables. They are hosted and moderated, and are intended to be an interesting and stimulating way to spend the lunch break.

Team White City

Team White City is working on ideas for local programmes to help address issues local people have identified around work, housing, parenting, crime, health care and families in challenging situations. Hosted by Team White City


Community street audits

Street audits involve working with groups of stakeholders, including local residents and businesses to identify improvements which will create a safe, attractive and enjoyable environment for all users. Hosted by Living Streets


Motivating customers and employees through partnerships with  local charities and social enterprises

‘Doing good’ can be good for your business.  Employees and customers like to see businesses as part of  the community.  Why not explore a mutually beneficial  partnership.  Join in a discussion with Action Acton who help 3000 West London people a year improve their lives through Education, Employment and Enterprise’. Hosted by Action Acton

Town Centre Investment Management

PBA are consulting with industry on their recently published paper entitled ‘Town Centre Investment Management’ ( This roundtable focusses on overcoming the issue of fragmented ownership and encouraging investment back into the UK’s failing towns and city centres – hosted by Peter Brett Associates

Strategic partnerships – To deliver services in this challenging context requires new approaches. Moving forward, strategic alliances both within and beyond the public sector will become increasingly important for delivery. Hosted by Future of London

Self-service mutual exchange
In the context of the new rules on under-occupation, how can organisations best help social tenants who need to move in order to avoid a reduction in their housing benefit? – hosted by Locata