Heathrow 2.0: Understanding the Opportunity

heathrow airportJuly 5, 2017 – Heathrow Academy

Free to attend for qualifying professionals

Heathrow 2.0: Understanding the Opportunity

Recently, Heathrow Airport released its plan for sustainable growth, “Heathrow 2.0”. This is a major landmark, and sets a bold direction towards the future of sustainable aviation. It goes beyond just running a good Heathrow, and seeks to help the World continue to connect with each other, while protecting the planet, and building our economic future.

It offers a great opportunity for West London to become a World centre of excellence, and to export skills and knowledge, while importing economic value added and growing jobs.

This event explained what Heathrow 2.0 is all about, and showed some of the opportunities that exist for West London’s businesses and communities to get involved, and grow by helping Heathrow make it better.

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9.15 Welcome from the chair

9.30 Keynote: Heathrow 2.0Matt Gorman, Sustainability, & Environment Director, Heathrow Airport

This overview will cover the whole expanse of the Heathrow 2.0 programme, looking at how it seeks to enable a thriving and sustainable economy, make Heathrow a great place to work, and the surrounding area a great place to live, and to enable the World to remain worth travelling. It will cover the 12 key activity areas, and give your ideas about engaging with the programme.

10.00 Great Place to Work – Skills Task ForceBecky Ivers

A key part of Heathrow 2.0 is providing more and better jobs. To help this help the local communities, it is important that skills issues are addressed, and the Skills Task Force does just that. This will give an update on the programme, show some of its results, and discuss the plans for the next year.

10.20 Great Place to Live –  Air and noiseAndrew Chen  

Two of the key issues confronting the expansion at Heathrow are air quality and noise. NOX emissions are a key focus for the Mayor of London, so the themes must be addressed. What does Heathrow 2.0 do?

10.40 Thriving sustainable Economy Sundeep Sangha

Creating opportunities for sustainable business to deliver a stronger future for the UK, supporting the Next Economy, growing SMEs and social enterprises (through the Heathrow Business summits), driving change through our supply chain (through the Logistics hubs).

11am Coffee

11.30 The Centre of ExcellenceMatt Prescott

Perhaps the most exciting part of Heathrow 2.0 is its proposal for a new Centre of Excellence focussed on sustainability at airports and across the aviation sector. It has the potential to make West London a global leader in aviation innovation – one of the biggest social, industrial and commercial opportunities of our time. As we play our role in supporting growth, enhancing our World and our economy, the Centre will shine a light on new skills, ideas, research and demonstration projects – locally-grown innovation that the whole planet can benefit from.

How can you engage with the massive opportunities this presents?

We will also hear from a number of organisations with a strong interest in the centre of excellence, who have contributed to its early stages of development, and who want you to come and join them.

12.00 Workshops

For the last hour, we will break in to a series of fast paced workshops, where you will discuss a number of questions based on the morning’s materials – what should the first goal of the Centre of Excellence be? Which key interventions would help West London engage? What can the Airport do now to make the impact of this programme benefit the widest groups?

1pm Lunch

See the event report