Round Tables

These moderated discussions take place at the coffee break at Place West London – 3.45pm – 4.30. To take part just go to the table in the Round Table area.

Join in the discussion!

Ensuring Londoners have the skills to compete for and sustain London’s jobs
Moderated by Uxbridge College
How can skills training providers meet the priorities of the London Enterprise Partnership? Do employers know what is available to support their recruitment and skills needs? Do employers know about support from their local authority, providers and the GLA? Is there anything we can do differently or better?

The Havelock Estate Regeneration Programme
Moderated by Peter Brett Associates and Catalyst Housing
An exploration of the regeneration of one of Ealing’s housing estates. The estate is one of the largest in the borough, with 845 homes. The Council identified three key areas for improvement; better transport links and access, better layout of housing blocks and the potential to make Havelock part of the wider regeneration of Southall. The plans prioritise the renewal of the flats to the north and south of the estate, which are in the worst condition.
The Politics of West London
Moderated by Corporate Reputation Consulting
What do the local election results mean for West London? What do they tell us about how the nation will vote in 2015? What do they tell us about how London will vote in the 2016 Mayoral Elections? And what will any outcome mean for property, regeneration and development?