Conference 2014

September 17 – Economic Growth through innovation: West London’s key strength

Brunel University, Uxbridge

Innovation is central to economic success, and it’s something West London has a grand history in. Nowhere is this more keenly seen that at Brunel University, where innovation – and the commercialisation of that innovation – runs through the DNA. Come
and see how the education sector works with business to grow wealth and create jobs.

Full programme

Organised around four themes, Place West London is an energising series of events – a mix of keynote speeches, discussion panels and focussed workshops, linked with fabulous networking opportunities.

It follows four broad themes:

People – will the workforce be fit for the future? What training and skills provision do we need to ensure a competitive workforce?

Places – what are the visions and plans for regeneration and development, and how can they be realised?

Infrastructure – what needs to happen to transport and social infrastructure to keep the West London economy running?

Economy – what are the key growth sectors, and how can they be nurtured?