Announcing the Place West London Awards 2017!

Act now – entries close April 3

The Place West London Awards, new for 2017, will build on the success of the popular Place West London Regeneration Showcase.

The Place West London Awards will celebrate excellence and innovation in economic development and regeneration in the West London region.

The creation of employment, the delivery of the skilled workforce to match, the creation and development of the places for them to live, work and play, and the planning and delivery of the infrastructure that connects them are key to the continuing success of our sub-region.

These new awards, part of the established Place West London series of events, will celebrate regeneration excellence in our region. They aim to inspire and empower not only those in our own region, but across the UK.

Who can enter?

Any company, organisation or individual can enter individual projects or programmes which have a significant element based in or having a positive effect on the area covered by the districts or boroughs of Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Slough, or Wandsworth.

Entries can come from private or public sector, and from anyone involved in the projects.

Projects submitted should have been substantially completed during 2016 (except in the case of a Future Project), or (if continuing projects) run through a significant part of the calendar year. Organisations entered should have been active in at least one regeneration or economic development project in West London as defined by the borough areas above during the period specified.

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What can you enter?

Winners will have made a significant contribution to regeneration and economic development in West London. They will be original, novel, and something that others can learn from or apply in their own locations. They will have achieved measurable success in terms of public appreciation, jobs created, property value increases, lettings, happiness, wellbeing, and so on.


Judges have been chosen from a range of organisations and come from within and without West London.


Projects or organisations can be entered in one or more of the following categories:

Placemaking – there’s more to regeneration than redevelopment. New and existing communities need to be enabled by high quality placemaking – spaces designed for flexible community use, public space that allows a range of uses including some unanticipated by the designer, activities and initiatives to help create employment, new sklls, support networks and a sense of belonging – these and more are all part of placemaking.

Town Centre – projects that have improved utility of the centre for the public, or increased footfall, decreased retail voids, or otherwise improved the health of a town centre.

Homes/Housing – projects that have delivered significant improvements in quality or quantity of homes, and in the quality and utility of the public realm surrounding them, as well as the heath, vitality, and life outcomes of those living in them.

Employment – projects that have created jobs, helped people in to jobs, or that have otherwise delivered employment growth.

Transport/Infrastructure – transport, broadband, utility projects which have enabled or helped deliver subsequent regeneration

Economic Growth – a project which has assisted in significant economic growth in a defined area, sector, or location

Future project – an award for a project which has yet to happen, but which addresses the criteria of any of the other categories

Consultant of the Year – the consultant who has made the largest difference to regeneration projects in West London. This could be an architecture, engineering, surveying, economic development, or regeneration consultancy, or indeed any consultancy which has participated in a regeneration or economic development project in West London.

Grand Prix Award – the overall winner – chosen by the judges from the winners of the categories. This will be for the project of organisation which has contributed the most to regeneration in West London.

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Key Dates:

Entries open: December 18, 2016

Entries close: April 3, 2017

Winners announced: May 9, 2017, at the Place West London Dinner. To reserve your place at the dinner, click here, or contact Becky MacArthur on 01892 518877