The user convenience is enhanced

We have set up a new exhibition space and reorganized the official homepage to strengthen marketing and communication for customers. It is to supplement face-to-face promotion and communication activities that are shrinking with Corona 19, and to prepare for Corona 19 in advance.

LG Innotek announced on the 17th that it opened the online exhibition ‘Untact Promotion 2021 Unboxed LG Innotek’ and the offline exhibition ‘Innotek Hall’.

The online exhibition hall opened this time provides customized contents according to the type of visitor such as customer and general person.

The exhibition hall for corporate customers is operated in the form of a private exhibition room and can only be accessed through LG Innotek’s e-mail invitation. Enter the link and authentication code included in the invitation to check the details of the product introduction image, size, performance, and detailed specifications according to the customer’s industry group.

The exhibition hall for general visitors will also be shown. In addition to LG Innotek’s company introduction video, teaser images made by combining products for each business area into daily life are available for the general public to understand.

LG Innotek opened an online exhibition hall and opened Innotek Hall, an offline exhibition hall, on the first floor of LG Science Park headquarters in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

InnoTech Hall is an 백링크 experiential exhibition hall where visitors can experience the exhibition directly by applying 3D sensing and beacon technology. Employees with expertise in each business field will be direct docents (instructors who explain exhibits to visitors) to guide customers and help them understand the products.

The exhibition hall consisted of IntroZone, which introduces history and business fields, Inside Your Life Zone, which introduces everyday life products, and PromotionZone, which shows product details and real things.

Inside Your Life Zone has applied 3D sensing technology that recognizes motion. The product introduction image on the screen is played according to the movement of the audience. You can experience LG Innotek’s products applied to various living spaces such as houses and cars.

The Promotion Zone used beacons (short-range wireless communication devices). By operating beacons installed on the touch media table, you can look at product information through 98-inch digital signage (displays installed in public or commercial spaces).

In addition, Innoplex, a complex space where customers, partner companies, and employees can communicate, was set up. The space has the largest signage of 217 inches, so it can be used for various purposes such as lectures, seminars, small meetings and employee idea generation.

In addition, LG Innotek has newly built its homepage. Contents and convenience for the general public, such as job seekers and investors who want to know about the company as well as corporate customers who need product information, have been further strengthened. Contents are centered on products, technologies and recruitment information that are highly interested in homepage visitors.

The product description is systematized into three stages: product overview, product line by area, and individual product. Anyone can easily and quickly find more than 40 major products of LG Innotek.

It also complemented the recruitment content that talented people who want to work are curious about.In particular, the job introduction page provides vivid information such as practical contents and necessary competencies through interviews with employees in each field such as R & D, production and marketing.

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