What is it, and will it be able to jump over?

I’ve been lost in life for almost a month or two.
I was thinking about it and decided to pull things in here.
I’m changing my mind, so I’m going to show you the content that
I 레플리카 feel like there are going to be more and more.

So the brand I’m going to introduce is,
It’s called MR PORTER.
It’s a brand and an online editing shop.

It’s actually a platform for men.
It’s a playground, but as a person who works,
Let’s talk. casual wear, basic
I want to wear the item if it fits!
The reality is that it’s too big.
I feel like I’m in my dad’s clothes.

Let me introduce https://rpocean01.com one by one.

First of all, Mr. Porter is the one who’s going to do it.
It’s called Global Online Luxury Editing Shop.
Ami, Apes, Amir, Akne, to the name of fame.
Balenciaga, Bruni, Beluti, Calhart,
Celine Homme, Tom Ford, and many other brands.
You can buy it, but you can buy it with your own brand.
Mr. P. and the Kingsman Collection.
We are showing various and excellent products throughout the show.

And last year, we had a collection of Celine Homme.
Exclusive launch, various high-end
We also collaborate with brands.

© 에디 Hedi Slimane

This is the Celine Homme collection that we hosted last year.
It’s a homme, but there are clothes that women can wear.
You can see a lot of them, but in the case of Hoodie,
There’s no boundary, so I think I can wear it.
Mr. Potter will showcase 48 pieces of Hedi Slimane’s 2021 spring/summer Celine Homme collection, 30 of which will be Mr. Potter’s exclusive style, and 5 points will be shown first in Mr. Potter by the end of the year. Representative items of the collection include black mirror jogger pants, ashidwash denim trunker jacket with appliqué patches, black and white bazaar knit pancho, oversized T-shirt with the “The Dancing Kid” logo, and farm tree camp collar silk shirt.
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CELINE HOMME’s capsule “The Dancing Kid”

The collaboration with Celine Homme was quickly sold out.
I saw a lot of celebrities in the celine hood above.
It was nice to see you.

And Jung Sisters are calling Mr. Potter the media.
The reason why I expressed it is because Mr. Potter has it.
It’s also because of its editorial ability.

Mr. Potter not only has a professional editorial team,
In men’s lifestyles, such as style and culture, brand and taste,
You’ll get weekly access to the content you’
The Journal, its own digital magazine,
Mr. Potter Post, a magazine published once every two months.
It’s because I have it.

Especially in The Journal, six shirts to wear every day.
Like how to go out without socks in the summer, in everyday life.
Simple but easy to find the information you want
I’m making it.
(It’s all for men.)
It’s a small flaw for me.)

If you have individual tabs on the official website,
You can see how much more effort we’re putting into the journal, right?

Fashion, grooming, watches, travel and even lifestyle.
It provides the information necessary to live everyday life.

If you look at the official website, it’s all in English.
You don’t want to read it because it’s a magazine, do you?
I’ve read a little bit of Jeongsister’s humor.
There’s a mix, and it’s hard to understand.
There were times. Urana and other gag codes…
I was embarrassed about it 🙂

In addition to The Journal, print media, not digital media
The MR PORTER POST is a very important one.
Analog things can be enjoyed in a leisurely.
Curate carefully for the people you like.
It’s edited and published five times a year. The Mr. Potter Post says,
Exclusive interviews including lifestyle, travel, culture,
It deals with various topics such as trends and styling tips.

It’s not just about selling, it’s about stories.
They’re talking about articles and stories through messages.
It’s different from any online shop.

And mr.potter is in New York, London, Milan.
In more than 180 countries, including same-day delivery
We offer Express Shipping.
Easy returns, multi-lingual customer service, 24/7
With a 24-hour personal shopper service,
All platforms, including mobile, tablet, desktop, and more
We are providing a convenient shopping experience.

Natalie Mesnett, who has already been successful with Neta Forte, a women’s shopping mall, started Mr. Potter with the encouragement of investors. After studying men who were too different from women, the site was enough to express their own values, which were different from other shopping malls.

Mr.Potter has introduced famous foreign luxury brands.
It’s a select shopping mall.
They have their own brand too!!

Mr. P.

To learn more about Mr. Pea,

Photography by Scandebergs Styling by Ms Otter Jezamin Hatchett

Mr. Porter has his own label.
The brand Mr.Pee

Comfortable product, smart, sustainable style

Through three key keywords,
The wearables that all men can wear,
This is the essential item that you need most in the closet.
Suggests the configured style.
From past and present style icons
Inspired capsule collection
We’re continuously showing them.

This SS21 season, too.
I showed you my collection.
The SS21 collection is based on
I’ll go into more detail.

And one more remarkable thing about Mr. Potter.
Kingsman Collection!

Kingsman Costume to Collection

If anyone says Kingsman,
The first thing that comes to mind is…
It will be the movie Kingsman.

This is also a collection of Mr. Potter’s Kingsman.
It’s a perfect word to explain.

The King’s Man is sold by Mr. Porter.
Because they gave birth to a clothing brand called Kingsman!

The products of the movie were made even before the movie was made.
under contract, regardless of whether or not a movie is successful
It was contracted to keep coming out.

The way Kingsman is described in the movie,
Harry Hart (Colin Firth) is a working class juvenile delinquent.
Dear Eggsy Unwin (Tarren Ajeerton)
You’re going to be able to take the concept of a style class.
I’m just explaining with it.

“Oxford, not Brog.”
“Suit is the armor of a modern gentleman.”

I’ve heard the line when I watched the movie.
Deep inside it, about the brand.
In addition to the description of this collection,
A collection to be the perfect gentleman
Wouldn’t you have wanted to stress that
it strikes me that

of shopping channels selling a variety of luxury goods
Not only the role, but also what to buy,
through a certain brand of stuff
It forms the image of the brand.
communicating through one’s own
Mr. Potter, who also plays the role of the media,
Just a brand-name direct purchase site, luxury goods cheap
You only tell stories about how to live and so on.
There is, and as a brand to the public,
And the ability to do independent curation.
To be recognized as the one channel you have.
A good way to overcome limitations is to…
What is it, and will it be able to jump over?

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