We could have had a rough time eating, too

I’m not sure if spring is coming these days

I can see it going on, and I can see it

We’re still in a position to get out

No, 남성마사지 I think it’s harder.

So I was worried, and we just

We’re gonna have to go to the couple’s

I’m going to pick it up. At first

I just feel so upset, so I just

I was going to get it simple, but I

I’d rather go with my boyfriend

I figured it out. I figured it out.

So I searched hard!

I’m actually in these places

I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to

I don’t think there’s anything important

I’ve been looking for it hard, and then

I’ve learned that there’s a lot of

It was there!

Above all, I’m going to need you to

I was glad to have it

I’m not gonna run into people

I can get it, so I’m more

I think it was good, so I thought I was good

I made a reservation and visited it.

This is the location that’s close to our company

And I’m in this position, so I actually

I’m sure a lot of people will come

I thought, but these places

When you make a reservation when you come, you will

I can do it at the time I want, so if I can

You should make a reservation!

I went in and found out that the idea of being really high-end

It was better to hear it, and it was better to hear it here

the products you use are lined up

We’re a little earlier than the reservation

I went and I was going to see it first.

And curiously, here

You know, you only have a regular care or a couple spa

Not just waxing separately

So you’re not gonna be able to get

I think it would be nice if you could refer to it.

I’m almost ready for a couple massage

I’m going right in! First of all,


I feel like I’m looking luxurious in my gown

It was me, not a rough feeling

I feel soft, so I can wear it

I think it was better to use.

As much as you do here professionally

How do you manage it when you’re wearing it?

I was wondering.

first in

You’re the first person to do a foot bath before!

I’m not gonna be able to get

I’ve never been an enemy before, so if it tickles

I was worried about what to do, but

I don’t know if you’re doing this professionally

It is tickling or it is uncomfortable to use

It can use without thought and it more comfortables

I think we can use it.

What I felt while I was in the footbath

I love the atmosphere here, just like

When couples come together, they have a good atmosphere

It was good, and something about this peaceful atmosphere

I really liked it, it was quiet

I’m not sure I’m tired of visiting

I thought I was getting tired

I think it was better.

with my boyfriend

I’m talking about this and that, and my boyfriend

How comfortable was it to be in a foot bath

He even sleeps, and I’m just saying

It’s good for those who are tired

I think I’m gonna have to talk to you

I’m not too sure

for your careful progress

We’ve never received anything like this before

What I should get, what I’m gonna get

I was worried, but I could use it without such trouble

I think it was better to be there.

After the foot bath, I used paraffin

I’m going in. At first, I’m going to have to

I just wanted to do it all of a sudden

As our hands warm, our bodies have a blood circulation

Tell him it’s okay.

I usually have a hand

I’m so cold, I’m gonna need you to take this

I thought I was good at it.

The interior is so pretty, you’re gonna have to take it

I spit out my exclamation at the surroundings.

So I think this is a good atmosphere

and leaving memories with her boyfriend

I think it was good, so we’re gonna have to

I came here because it’s an anniversary, and I really

I just thought I was good.

After the paraffin therapy,

I’m going to be a couple of spas. I’m going to start

Just a little more in the usual bathhouse

I thought of that feeling that it looked luxurious

What was good was that it was like a fancy pool

It was.

I’m going to be private

I could get a spa while talking

I think it was better.

The scent from the water was so good

If you’re thinking of a regular bath, I’m sure

I think you’re going to be a big mistake. Overall

It was a very satisfying place.

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